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    Our focus is always on client’s goals, we constantly adapt to our partners' strategies. We offer the latest CRM solutions available on the market.
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    Our stable professional team helps you establish the best relationship with your clients. We deliver rapid results with excellent communication.
  • We only offer marketing which generates revenue

    We provide efficient campaigns fitting into the entire marketing strategy. At the same time, we also take care of developing your company's complex marketing processes.
  • Powerful solutions for the B2B sector

    We find your potential future client and connect you with them. Meet our complex toolkit, helping to increase your revenues.
  • We are familiar with the car industry's needs

    We have outstanding local experience in CRM and direct marketing applied in the automotive industry.
Crome Communication is a CRM and direct marketing agency active since 2010. We offer the most powerful solutions on these fields in the local market. When choosing us, we offer you market leader methods, strategic thinking and services perfectly suited for your company's needs along with the best business solutions.

We bring solutions


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