Working together in a team is not just a boring phrase for us, as we are not a multinational giant. We all work in the same office, we know each other personally, and everyone’s door is open to any of our staff. You won’t be just a tiny wheel in a contraption of unfathomable dimensions. You will be one of us, and you will exactly know who we are talking about when we or you say „Us”.

It will always be clear what we expect from you and what you can expect from us. Because we know that a clear, solid and predictable environment is the key to keep you happy and productive for a long term. But you won’t be bored either, as inside these stable and clear boundaries your tasks and the processes, along with the tools you need to use will constantly evolve and change, just like our bread and butter: the field of customer communication.

We will encourage you to ask questions anytime you are not sure about something, to tell us when you think we could do something in a different way, and to be open when the others ask you, or tell you that you could do something in a better way.

If you’d like to work with us this way, and you think you are able to do so in one of the open positions above, just hit ‘Apply’ and we will contact you.