The exclusive Operator of the websites cromecommunication.hu and cromecom.hu (hereinafter collectively: "Website") is Crome Communication Kft. (hereinafter: "the Operator")

Full name: CROME Communication Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
Registered seat: H-1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 23. 3. em. 25A.
Company registration no.: 01-09-933287
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The website cromecommunication.hu and the entire content thereof is subject to copyright protection. The website and all contents thereof are owned by Crome Communication Kft. exclusively. Unauthorised use will result in criminal and civil prosecution and the Operator reserves the right to claim compensation for any damages arising from the infringement of copyrights.

Terms of use

The Operator consents to the use of blog entries displayed on the website under the following terms:

Any person may reproduce, disseminate, broadcast to the public by adopting the content or by sharing a link directing to the content, provided that the author of the content is indicated at all times, that the Website is indicated as the source of the content and provided that the content shared or referenced is not modified, edited or adapted in any manner.

Any kind of adaptation of the contents (e.g. structural adaptation, any changes made to texts, their deletion or compression) may only be carried out upon the express prior consent of the Operator.

The consent only pertains to the use of the parts of the blog entries published on the blog; it does not pertain to the entirety of the blog, its entire content elements or entire entries. Displaying the entirety of contents or a significant part thereof shall constitute unauthorised use.

Neither does the consent pertain to the use of the content of the blog for direct marketing, profit gaining or profit enhancement purposes - this may solely take place with the express prior consent of the Operator. In other matters in terms of use, the provisions of Act LXXVI of 1999 on Copyright shall be applicable.

The Operator allows visitors to add comments to blog entries. Comments are displayed on the Website following prior moderation. The Operator may, based on the following principles, deny displaying certain comments:

The Operator may deny publishing the following comments without giving prior notice or explanation:

  • Violating (if the comment violates effective national or EU legislation, incites to violation or expresses an intent to do the same) comments
  • Comments with aggressive, offensive, threatening or discriminative content
  • Comments infringing the right to reputation of the Operator, the author of the content or a third party
  • Comments violating common decency, comments that may be used for incitement to hatred or intimidation, and those including links directing to websites displaying such content
  • Comments that are irrelevant for the entry in terms of topic
  • Comments with the purpose of direct marketing
  • Comments expressing political opinion
  • Repeated comments with the same content

Information pertaining to the processing of personal data related to comments are included in our privacy notice.

Limitation of liability

The Operator strives to keep content on the Website accurate, up-to-date and reliable with all reasonable efforts, however, it may occur that false, outdated or inaccurate information is displayed on the website. The Operator precludes liability for any damages, losses or other disadvantages arising from the use of information displayed on the Website. The Website also displays links directing to third party websites. Users may only visit such third-party websites at their own responsibility. The Operator may not be held liable for content displayed on or accessible from such websites, and may not be held liable for any consequences arising from visiting such websites.

Modification of terms

The Operator reserves the right to modify this notice and the terms included therein from time to time, adjusting to the goals of the Operator as well as to any changes occurring in legislation or to other relevant changes.

Should you have any concerns or questions related to the above legal notice, please contact us.

Crome Communication Kft.
13 August 2018